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Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho - St. Anthony Plumber

Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho, a St. Anthony plumber, is the foremost resource for plumbing services, from cleaning and unclogging drains to installation services and other applications. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • repairs and system maintenance to ensure that your septic system is always in good working order.
  • Inconveniences that come with plumbing damage will be a thing of the past.
  • Having plumbing issues are easily remedied with our professional and world class service’s.

Don’t hesitate to contact a St. Anthony plumber here at Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho. We are always available daily on a 24-hour basis for all of your plumbing needs. There is not a single plumbing problem we will not be able to handle (and we’ve handled a LOT). We provide a variety services for common and uncommon plumbing issues, including:

  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing installations and repair
  • Drain clearing and cleaning
  • Toilet clearing and back-up control
  • Plumbing installations and replacements
  • Leak repair
  • Storm drain and garbage disposal installation and clearing
  • Water heater cleaning, installation, and repair
  • Sewer line repair

Our plumbers here at Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho will gladly take care of any and all issues you may encounter. We also provide other plumbing related services including plumbing damage, repair, and maintenance.

Some actions that we at Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho suggest you take that can prevent future problems include:

  • Drainscreen installation – drain-screens are very common items that you can buy at any hardware store. These are very inexpensive and guard against all kinds of things that may cause blockage, including hair, plastic, and various other substances that are unsuited to go down the drain.
  • Oils, grease, and fats should never be flushed down your toilet, as over time they will create build-up and lead to clogging and blockage. The best way to get rid of oils, grease, and fats is to let them cool down and then dispose of them in the garbage.
  • Do not put large amounts of food down your garbage disposal at one time, especially fatty or oily foods. Garbage disposals are designed to only handle the small amounts of food such as that which comes with doing the dishes, not larger food scraps that should be thrown away in the garbage. As with your toilet, oil, grease, fat, soaps, and organic material should never be disposed of via the garbage disposal.
  • Never flush any non-organic material down your toilet other than toilet paper. Items that you should avoid flushing include cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, wet wipes, paper towels, tinfoil, and/or plastic.


For quality plumbing from an experienced and licensed Roto-Rooter Plumber who specializes in all areas of the plumbing industry, contact us immediately at (208) 523-4212. We will diagnose and then service all septic system issues, from clogs to root-growth and age-related damage. Our services also include cleaning as well as septic tank and drain field maintenance.


Our professional St. Anthony plumbers are employees of Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho, and are expert in confronting water damage and all problems that may arise from mold, bacteria, hard water, or corroded pipes. We are always there to assist and aid you after floods, sewer backups and septic system problems. We clean up untreated sewage and treat water damage on your floors, carpets, and walls. We will restore your property in a professional and timely manner.

Contact Roto-Rooter of Eastern Idaho at (208) 523-4212 or email us. Our St. Anthony employees are the experts you need for all of your septic, plumbing, and water restoration needs.